Get Organized.
Get Employed.
Stalk your next job like an expert hunter. Huntsy keeps track of the jobs you find, and makes sure you never miss a step, or an opportunity.
Why Huntsy? Glad you asked...
Job hunting means applying to new jobs every day and keeping track of jobs you've already applied to. Huntsy keeps it all organized for you.
Clear todos, timed reminders, and tools for getting it all done efficiently. Huntsy knows what you need to do and makes sure you get it done.
Huntsy checks your social networks to find connections to jobs in your hunt, giving you an inside shot at successfully landing the job.
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I love Huntsy! It really takes the stress out of organizing job applications ... making the job application process a hell of a lot easier. THANK YOU!
- Melissa S.
I'd like to give you a big hug for Huntsy. It's a great tool and it's a pleasure to use. Many, many, many thanks.
- Alexander L.
I found myself interviewing, applying, and working my way through multiple organizations. Huntsy helped me stay organized and on task. I was thrilled ... and it helped me get two job offers.
- Sean H.
I'll recommend Huntsy to everyone I know-thank YOU!
- Mike B.
Huntsy is an excellent idea and a great tool. It helped me find my current position. Thank you very much!
- Oleg C.
I'm loving Huntsy for keeping track of my search! Much better than excel spreadsheets!
- Christine